I Can Light the Way

Updated: Apr 6

My husband, Glenn, couldn’t see when I got up this morning. Now, keep in mind it’s 7 hours ahead in Mali, Africa where Glenn is right now so by the time I got his text that his vision was blurred it would have been 4 pm African-time. And when I read his words I knew that there was only one thing I could do for him because I too had been feeling the way that he expressed to me so eloquently.

“I’m trying to focus on our goal of why I’m so far away from you guys… and today it’s VERY blurred.”

All I could do was light a fire within. Turn a light on for him to see where he was going again essentially.

I’ve always said to my kids and those that I coach that lightness will win over darkness every time. Imagine that you are standing in a huge arena and all the lights are out. The doors are closed. It would be pitch black. But all it would take to break that darkness would be a single match. No matter the size of the arena… a teeny single match will do it. Cool, huh?

And what I’m learning… no, scratch that, what I’m re-learning is that when I light that match or lamp or fire… even when I am in darkness… I can also light it for someone else to see. It also brightens my path too. And that's what happened to me today. That's how I’m sitting with you all today on the year anniversary of my blog.

When Samantha Laycock, my blogging manager messaged me yesterday to wish me congrats on my anniversary, I have to admit it didn't feel like much of a celebration. Have any of you set some pretty lofty goals and didn't hit them? Now, I know that Les Brown quote,

“Aim for the moon, cause even if you miss, you will still land amongst the stars.”

But sometimes it can still feel like a miss - am I right? My biggest, loftiest goal was to surpass Rachel Hollis in speaking gigs! Well, not quite but to at least get on more stages than Covid would allow.

The biggest challenges in the things we can’t control are to not place meaning in them. Fear-based-Jody would have assumed that the timing of Covid and the launching of my solo-career was a sign that I “should have” stayed with the toxicity I was in. And I would have continued to stumble over the things behind me.


I did stumble over a couple of things though that maybe some of you out there also struggle with too and also what I’m doing about them:

Self-sabotage and hiding

The “who am I to…” syndrome

This one so far has been my biggest killer. I have a powerful story. And even now as I type that? The “well so does everyone else” voice comes up and I doubt my value of what I can offer. Even though this is squashed in every coaching session I have or higher-law conversation I hold… it still comes back.

This is where my reference to LEGO comes in. I am under construction. Just like the original LEGO pieces can make a hundred different objects - I can be rebuilt and added-onto. Not in what I DO for others, but in who I AM. This is an opportunity to TAKE TIME and think about intention. And my base is all about authenticity.

Standing Up. Using my Voice.

Wasn't that the whole point of my blog and getting out there?

Who filters all the time?

Every blog or thought I overthink - am I talking about my struggles too much?

Am I not being positive enough?

Am I inspiring? I am an Approval-Addict. A recovering-Recognition Addict. We want...no NEED to fit in. It's Maslow's basic hierarchy of needs - the need to belong. That's what broke down for me this year when WFG fell apart for me, my belonging ended and I grieved like a worm at a bird infestation.

This is my year of saying “No.” I’m calling people on their BS. I'm trusting and honoring my instinct. I’m cutting out “friends” who aren't authentic. And now for the stretch… I will and I am going to be a place where people can just BE. I will share the struggles we go through because it makes us STRONGER, not because I’m a victim or bitching but because in my story others may find their strength too.

COVID fear-mongering

It isn't a surprise that so many of us are feeling that drain on our energy. We are coming up to a year of being d.u.n. There are so many different messages being sent out there that conflict with each other and instill fear, that all it ends up doing is shutting everything down. From off and on schooling to not being able to see our friends or to simply splash in a pool. I’m an empath - I literally feel people.


My best moments this year were in coaching my clients. I never launched an official coaching program that I advertised on my website. But the clients that I have been able to coach have been some of the most amazing people I have had the opportunity to spend time with and I am so grateful for them!

From business ventures to healing traumas to limited beliefs to goal setting, these people have consistently helped me find my purpose over this past year and see that I truly have something to offer. I really have no words to what they have added in my life. So, I am going to make it official.

I’m going to open up my coaching services! Please check out my website for pricing and packages!!!! While I do have my BSW I am not registered with the ACSW so I am offering my services as a coach, not a counselor but can help those access resources based on our conversations if the need arises. I work with people from 8 - 108years old.

I also want to do a weekly video to counteract the negative! Please send me video ideas or questions or inspirations I can talk about!!!