Top 3 Ways to Reignite Yourself


Or someone just pulled the plug. Have you ever felt like even though you have this amazing light within you that you are just “done” at times? There are words that capture exactly how we are feeling at a particular moment.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be. Marianne Williamson

I strive to show my light so that others feel they can too. But for the past couple of days, my voice has been stolen once again. I have a bully at work. But this bully either hides in camo clothes or is, in fact, a chameleon. They are willing to do and say whatever they need to win favor, get recognition, reach goals and have influence – so they look great on the outside. And as long as you play by their rules you will be ok…. And most people play it pretty safe, don’t they?


But not us… we are meant to let our light shine and also call out injustices and unethical behavior. And that draws attention too. Thank goodness I’ve been through so many fires (stay tuned for more blogs on this) that I can handle this heat. So – what can you do if caught in this garbage?

· #1. Don’t take it personally. It’s called projection. And it’s often about their own issues and self-esteem. Not you.

· #2. Use the hardest word in the English dictionary: “HELP”. I realized I was staying too quiet, getting into old habits. So I brought on both those that get paid to deal with drama (aka leadership/supervisors/management) and my guides – friends, coaches, etc. Sometimes with an encouraging word or space to vent and other times with a friendly kick in the butt of showup-and-standup.

· #3. Spend time on your self-worth and personal development. Six or seven years ago I wouldn’t have felt the same – I was a shell of who I am now. I was in that “be the best mom and wife phase that I failed to exist. Believing that I needed to do all and be all to everyone but myself.

Do any other Mommas know that one?

I now know how I deserve to be treated, how I will not settle or accept an environment that is toxic. Toxic environments lead to stresses on the body like cancers, illnesses, time away from family, and more. I will not give myself away for this bully’s enjoyment and need for power.

In the end? This little light is mine… and I’m gonna let it shine, let It shine, let it shine. What can you do today to let your light shine? Share it on my blog! Id love to hear your successes!!!!