What You Focus on Expands Starts Today

I would not be who I am today without personal development! Did you know that personal development is a $13 billion dollar industry?? I want to freely share some of my biggest gifts and strategies that not only do I practice but I use them with my kids every day.


Day 1: Gratitude

Day 2: Self Talk

Day 3: Perspective

Day 4: Your Vision and Sacrifice

Day 5: My favourite 4 letter word

Tune in each day this week. I'll be posting live videos, sharing some personal stories and then asking you to do the same and send them to me or if you are brave enough to share or post them on my business page!


Each person that does so will either get $50 off a Vision Building session (value $150) or get to sign up their kids to a co-coaching program for 10% off ($100 for a 6-week program - more details coming out on that this week!).

Thank you to each and every one of you who has liked or commented on my posts and encouraged me to do more, or become part of my coaching programs! I'm still building and growing and setting things up so keep an eye out for my changing website as well. Let’s have some fun this week and Expand Our Mindset because…

What You Focus On Expands!!!!

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