Why I am the Blogger YOU Need

Credibility – who needs that anyway?

With coaches and blogs popping up left right and center… why hang out on mine? Who am I and what value can I bring to your time and life? Let’s have a little conversation about who I am and where I would like to see this relationship go…


did I just say relationship? Damn straight!!


I’ve always been that person who didn’t really fit in anywhere but who could walk into a grocery store and people just feel comfortable enough with me to tell me their life story. I feel people. My super-powers are listening to people wholeheartedly and authentically. I’ve had strangers tell me that I have a magic about me that they just can’t pinpoint. The Divine has blessed me with the gift of being able to string words together.

So? How do I use them?

I use them to create a connection. We are facing a crisis of loneliness. Did you know that loneliness is making it into the DSM ( Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and is being classified as an epidemic? We are closer to each other than ever before but are feeling more alone.

I believe that what we go through in life has a purpose – Life doesn’t happen to us but for us. I have experienced sexual abuse at many levels, death and losses both from chronic illness and sudden death, relationship dynamics through addictions and betrayals. You name it – we will share some of those experiences in the years we grow and learn together. Our stories connect us.

It was my years of sexual abuse that made me want to serve fellow survivors – use my voice and words for those who couldn’t find theirs (yet). I became a social worker and worked for 8 years with kids, youth and families. Then traded that in for 911 training – still wanting to help families in crisis. I started coaching teams and individuals on leadership and communication, business development and vision building. It’s my love of public speaking that’s brought me here to you and this blog.


I want to hear your stories. I’m going to be collecting stories based on a strength perspective and building a movement. A movement of resources and storytelling for healing. I am going to be coaching people on how to tell their stories, helping to tailor them for specific venues, audiences, and timeframes. What we do know is that as people we are evolving, developing a clearer sense of self. I can be part of your story… let me know by joining me on this journey of reconnection. Let me help you start voicing YOUR purpose!